Mark Graber - Executive Director, BNI BC 

Mark Graber been involved with BNI now for over eighteen years. He has seen the organisation move through various strategic and organisational change. Mark has come through his own passage in BNI, from being a chapter member to an Executive Director, with significant professional and personal learning development.

He has contributed and created innovations that have been taken on globally; from various country BNI Learning web sites, the Passport to Success Program, Curriculum Development on the Diamond Growth Program and the Phases System for launching BNI chapters, all developed from his offices in Perth, Western Australia & Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mark has a flair for collaborative work and team cohesion, this has been an extremely beneficial within his journey in BNI. The passing of BNI knowledge from generation to generation has been a particularly enjoyable for Mark. He lives and breathes the “giver gain” philosophy. His passion for education of our members has always been paramount to him. 

Mark is most Passionate About  “what the future holds”  within BNI he is extremely passionate about the education of all our Members and Director Consultants in successful business practice. Mark was a member on the Global innovation Task Force for four years that helped guide BNI Globally.

Mark spent over ten years as a senior lecturer at Curtin Business School, and uses this ability to apply knowledge within a business context. 

“Within the BNI we have the ability to impact hundred of thousands of BNI members and their families.”

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Allison Mountstevens - Launch Director


Allison is a Director and Independent Consultant with Beautycounter, a cleaner, safer skin care and cosmetics company. Helping to educate people about healthier options for personal care products and inspiring others to make healthier, informed choices for themselves, their families and their loved ones.

Garth McFadden - Launch Director


My main function, as a corporate account manager, is to negotiate rates with Rogers Wireless for my customers. The service level that I provide for my customers includes…

As a 19+ year veteran in the wireless business I’ve become more of a ‘value creating partner’ than a ‘vendor’ to my business & corporate customers.